Brenda Kelly


In 1972, when Brenda Kelly was born, there were only a handful of people in the country who knew what Ring 22 Chromosome Disorder was. Brenda was just a little over two when doctors were finally able to put a name to her condition as she was one of only 59 cases known at that time.

Fortunately for everyone who knows her, Brenda has survived and thrived in a way that no one could have anticipated back then. A Lakeland School graduate, Brenda has been involved with the VIP Day Services program since 1993.

She particularly enjoys music and looks forward to music therapy sessions on Tuesdays with great anticipation. Brenda is also involved in the a fitness program for Day Services clients. She especially likes walking with fellow clients through the broad halls at VIP Services.

While not verbal, Brenda understands what is going on around her and one of her all-time favorite activities is having the chance to go out to eat. Regardless of where she is, her smile never fails to lighten the mood of everyone around her!

Brenda recently moved into a group home with four other women in Elkhorn.  It’s been a whole new chapter for Brenda but part of her journey to lead a more independent life.