Frank Hoover

Frank Hoover

Frank Hoover has been working at Protect-All in Darien for more than 10 years.  Frank’s path to community employment and his success in that role has involved learning to live with and manage his disabilities.

Frank was part of a mainstreamed program and attended public school through graduation.  He and his family had always known that he experienced learning disabilities, but when he was 18 years old he was also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

Once they understood the source of some of his behavioral issues, Frank and his family learned everything they could about bi-polar disorder.  They learned that it causes depression with feelings of sadness and helplessness and can make a person subject to severe mood changes.  In addition, they learned about what medications would help Frank to deal most effectively with the condition.

From the time that Frank came to VIP Services, he began the process of learning about the skills he would need to work in the community.  In 2000, VIP Services helped to find Frank a job at Protect-All in Darien and he has been there ever since, developing in his job, making new friends and continuing to grow in his ability to be independent.  Frank is also a VIP Services Ambassador and has become a very proficient public speaker.