Nicole Opper

Nicole Opper

Nicole Opper started life as a happy smiling toddler who was walking and talking on her first birthday. Five days later, her life changed dramatically. With no warning Nicole went into a major seizure and was flown to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

After two hours and fifteen minutes the seizure finally ended, but Nicole was left with irreversible brain damage and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Two months later, when she was finally released from the hospital, her family found themselves starting all over with a one year old infant who couldn’t even hold up her head.

Though Nicole’s brain damage greatly impacted her speech and physical mobility, it did nothing to affect her irrepressible personality. Nicole attended Lakeland School and came to VIP Services in 2008.

Even though she can’t communicate verbally, there is no question that she loves being around people. She enjoys participating in everything from riding the bus to being in music therapy classes. Her smile, which is frequent, has enough wattage to light up an entire room!