Scott Bushey

Scott Bushey has earned a reputation as a hard worker at VIP and is well known for his willingness to lend a helping hand.  Scott started at VIP Services in 1988 after graduating from Lakeland School and has worked at a variety of jobs in the VIP production center and volunteer jobs in the community including at the Golden Years in Walworth.

Scott’s family says that even when he is on vacation he worries about how things are going at work.  He has been known to call in the middle of a trip just to make sure that everything is okay.  One of their biggest challenges is to convince him to stay home when he isn’t feeling well – he HATES to miss work!

In addition to his work in the production center, Scott works at Plasti-coil Inc. in Lake Geneva.  Scott and his family are delighted that the flexibility and diversity of VIP Services allows him to work productively 5 days a week.  He is very proud of his paychecks and loves the opportunity to work with so many good friends.