Ruth’s Retirement & Kitchen Closing Reminders

After 24+ years, Ruth Shilts, Food Services Supervisor is retiring from VIP Services. We are very grateful for her dedication and hard work, always cheerfully greeting everyone and welcoming them to the cafeteria. Congratulations Ruth on a well-deserved retirement.  We will miss you!! 🎉

With the kitchen permanently closing after May 31, we wanted to share a few reminders for clients, participants, families and caregivers:

  1. Please plan on bringing your own food, utensils, plates, napkins, clothing protectors, condiments and snacks.  
  2. Refrigeration will not available. Ice/cold packs are encouraged to keep lunches cold while being stored in lockers.
  3. For those who can independently use them, VIP does have microwaves available but not microwave safe dishes. Thermos’ are encouraged for those who can’t microwave and need to keep food warm.  
  4. VIP will continue to have a soda machine/bottled water at $.50 per can/bottle.
  5. VIP has 3 water fountains with water bottle filling stations throughout the building.

Our thanks to everyone while we work through the transition of the kitchen closing.