Lynne McIntyre


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Lynne McIntyre has overcome more daunting challenges in her years than most of us face in an entire lifetime. When she was twelve, Lynne began experiencing frightening seizures that caused her to lose the use of her left side. After many consultations, she was diagnosed with a condition called Rasmussen’s encephalitis. This rare degenerative brain disease necessitated a complex 18 hour surgery that removed the half of her brain affected by the condition.

Subsequently, Lynne has had to undergo hip surgery and has been diagnosed with Dwayne’s Syndrome, an eye condition that has created significant problems with her peripheral vision.

Throughout all of her challenges, Lynne has chosen to remain upbeat and determined to focus on what she can accomplish. In 2006, she became involved with the VIP Services Ambassador program. Despite the fact that public speaking fell outside Lynne’s comfort zone at that time, she applied herself with great dedication and has been very successful, continuing to grow and to challenge herself to improve with each presentation.

Lynne is respected by co-workers and staff alike for her strong work ethic, kindness and wonderful sense of humor.