Wendy Harmon

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Wendy says that she looks forward to going to work at VIP Services every day and she has been coming to VIP since 1997.  When asked why she likes VIP Services she will sign that she likes being with her friends and having an opportunity to earn a paycheck.

Wendy works in the production center three days a week and spends the other two days working in the kitchen helping to prepare meals for clients.  Wendy enjoys her time at VIP so much that she says she never misses work unless she is really sick.  Before coming to VIP Services, Wendy attended the Wisconsin School for the Deaf and then later lived at St. Coletta.  Now, she is happy to be living with her sister Kelly and her family and riding the bus to VIP Services every day.  Kelly writes a blog about Wendy on Facebook, “Life With Wendy” about their new adventure together.

Picture:  Wendy’s quite the artist!  Here she is showing off her artistic skills at a Discovery Class on Papermaking.