Volunteer Spotlight – Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee retired from her job as a registered nurse due to medical reasons. With both of her teenage sons in school, she needed something to fill her time. She learned of VIP’s volunteer program and now volunteers in the Day Services Program. She helps people reach their individualized goals as well as “lightens the load” for the staff.

Melissa plays cards and board games, goes for walks, or spends time talking with people. These activities help individuals to socialize, improve fine and gross motor skills, work together as a group, improve time management, exercise, and boost word and number skills. She finds everyone warm and friendly and knows she is “surrounded by those who care and appreciate her unconditionally.” Everyone at VIP is always excited to see her, letting her know she has been missed on her days off.

What Melissa loves most about volunteering at VIP is that she has “a positive impact on people.” As a mother, she knows how important it is to learn life skills that will allow individuals to be more independent. Plus people take pride in their accomplishments, sharing those milestones with family and friends.

Melissa often educates others in the community about VIP Services and how to get involved. She shares what VIP does for individuals and in turn what they can do for the community. Melissa believes, “we all have so much to offer no matter our abilities.” Melissa embodies how volunteers make a difference in a people’s lives and conversely how individuals at VIP make a difference in the lives of the volunteers. Thank you Melissa! (Pictured: Melissa and Cody)

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