31st Annual Recognition Dinner Pays Tribute to Outstanding Achievement

Over 200 clients, business representatives, family members and guests convened at Evergreen Golf Club on February 4th to pay tribute to VIP Services outstanding Individual Achievement Honorees for 2015.  The 2015 Individual Achievement Honoree of the Year went to John Fleming of Delavan.  Fleming, who works on a variety of subcontracted projects in the VIP Services work center, was elected to this special honor by clients and staff from the full roster of 2015 honorees.

Client Individual Achievement Honorees are selected and celebrated on a monthly basis throughout the year for their demonstrated commitment and dedication to their jobs and personal growth, as well as for how they find his or her own path of achievement to a more Self-Determined life.  Being Self-Determined involves making informed choices, taking responsibility for those choices and speaking up for one’s self.

Outstanding community business partners honored for 2015 were Kikkoman Foods, Inc. (Business Partner of the Year) and Continetal (Employer of the Year).  Business partners are key to VIP Services success in providing meaningful work experiences and opportunities both on site and in the community. Kikkoman Foods, Inc. is globally known and respected, is the largest soy sauce manufacturer in the world, and have been part of the Walworth County business community for 45 years.  Accepting the award on behalf of Kikkoman Foods were Mr. Dan Miller, Vice-President of Administration and Mr. Masa Oura, Vice President of Manufacturing.

Kikkoman Foods is a longstanding and multi-faceted partner with VIP Services, they are an exceptional example of corporate citizenship.  As one of VIP’s original business partners, they have engaged in a mutually productive partnership with our production workshop by providing steady subcontract packaging and labeling work for our clients. Partnerships like the one we have with Kikkoman Foods are vital to nonprofit organizations particularly in these challenging times.  This past year VIP clients relabeled and repackaged almost one million bottles of soy sauce that would eventually be shipped to six different countries including Egypt.

Continental, (formerly Synerject) of Delavan is an international company which provides engine management systems and components to the marine, motorcycle and recreational industry manufacturers.  Accepting the award on behalf of Continental were Mr. Paul Schmidt, Plant Manager and Ms. Stacey Diels, Human Relations Coordinator. 

Continental has a strong commitment recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. VIP Services has successfully placed four clients at their Delavan location.  The VIP Services recommendation led to the company being recognized as an “Exemplary Employer” for people with disabilities by First Lady Tonette Walker and the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) at the recent Southeastern Wisconsin Business Summit. Through integrated employment opportunities, people with disabilities, are able to lead a more Self-Determined life and gain greater vocational independence.  IMG_5088

For more about John go to:  http://mywalworthcounty.com/?p=18010 

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Photos are courtesy of Heather Ruenz/Southern Lakes Newspapers