“VIP Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships”

016 - CopySouthern Lakes Newspapers Article – “VIP Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships” by Kellen Olshefski.  Read more about how we work with area businesses to provide clients with employment.  It’s a win-win for all.  Also check out the article by Jennifer Eisenbart about the benefits of sheltered workshops (page 1) and the article by Vicky Wedig about new federal rules how facilities like VIP and Careers Industries in Burlington must be integrated in and provide full access to our communities (page 2).  Lots of changes, but VIP has already begun complying with the rules by introducing people with disabilities to services in their communities through our newly created, Community Connections program.  VIP in the News – Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships – July 22, 2016

Pictured:  Nicole Fernandez volunteering at Walworth County’s Senior Dining Center in Lake Geneva.  Read more about it at:  Walworth County ADRC – May 2016 – VIP Volunteers