Kelly Findlay: Featured Speaker at the Walworth County ARC Luncheon

Fontana, Wisconsin – More than 400 guests attended the Walworth County ARC’s Women 2019 Luncheon, “Cheers to 20 Years” at the beautiful Abbey Resort on Saturday, April 13th.  Featured speakers were Alex Voskuil, President of the Walworth County ARC and Kelly Findlay, VIP Services Client. Kelly shared her inspirational life story of overcoming many challenges to lead a life of greater independence. The luncheon raises funds to support the general welfare of people with developmental disabilities and fosters the research and development of programs on their behalf.

Kelly Findlay, VIP Services Client shares her inspirational life story at the Walworth County ARC Luncheon. Pictured with Kelly is Alex Voskuil, President of the ARC.











The Walworth County ARC has played a pivotal role in the life of VIP Services and continues to do so today.  Their generous support has supported pilot programs, including the start-up and development of the volunteer program, initiation of the Self-Determination training and the new county-wide recreation program, Rec Connect open to all people with disabilities. In addition to VIP, the ARC provides scholarships for students entering the special education field along with support and assistance to organizations such as Lakeland School and Walworth County Adult Special Olympics.

History:  In 1970, a dedicated group of parents from the Walworth County ARC initiated a study group to provide a future for their children who were beginning to graduate from Lakeland School and having a hard time finding a place in the community.  VIP Services was founded to serve adults with disabilities in the area of vocational rehabilitation.