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Empowering people with disabilities to explore and experience endless possibilities.

Organization Philosophy

VIP Services, Inc. Organizational Philosophy is a code of behavior in which staff at all levels must be totally committed to effectively address organizational challenges.  Staff in leadership roles must embrace this philosophy to maintain a doctrine of fairness in addressing employee need, to create a supportive working environment, to retain quality staff, and to avoid crisis situations.  All staff must adhere to the essential elements of this philosophy in order to enjoy a good working experience here at VIP Services, Inc., as well as to contribute their maximal efforts and talents toward fulfillment of our mission.

Positive Work Environment – We are committed to providing a safe, challenging and rewarding work environment, which encourages individual growth and skill development.  Emotional security of each employee is protected by fair and consistent treatment and demonstrated management support.

Personal Worth – We affirm the value of each individual as a contributing member to the success of the organization.  Leadership should be proactive in nurturing staff ideas at all levels.  Problems should be addressed with an open mind and with a goal of achieving solutions, which benefit everyone.

Shared Commitment – Our mission serves as a catalyst for effective teamwork, which involves trust, a sense of belonging, mutual support and shared commitment to the organization.  Effective leadership and mutual respect are essential to encourage all staff to work together toward common goals and to represent themselves as good ambassadors of the agency.

Communication – Communication includes a willingness to listen, to clarify perceptions and to provide meaningful feedback.  Honesty, accuracy and timeliness are expected in all employee interactions.

Leadership – Leadership includes the provision of vision, guidance and direction to departments.  Clarification of expectations, consistency in decision-making and follow-through of commitments are essential.

Accountability – We encourage a decision-making process, which recognizes the value of obtaining input at all levels of the organization and seeks joint solutions to problems. Support for individual ownership in the development and implementation of ideas is demonstrated through feedback and acknowledgment of results and contributions.  Follow-through on commitments is expected.

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