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Return to Loveland Acres!

Late last week, Sara, Parker, Jolene, and Shari took a group of Day Services clients back to the farm. After spending time visiting and feeding the animals, they learned more about planting. This experience has generated a lot of interest and we are very appreciative of Scarlet’s enthusiasm and friendship!


Congdon Gardens

Mary, and Shari took a group of clients to Congdon Gardens last week. Positive friendships are so important so it was great for everyone to get outside and visit with each other while getting a little exercise too!


Our program assistants (Mary, Parker & Shari) started working with serving/cleanup committees for the restaurant project. Topics covered included proper hand-washing, order taking, and serving.

Restaurant Update #3




Sara and Jolene took Restaurant Project Board members for ice cream at Friends on the Square in Elkhorn. The group discussed the difference between store bought and homemade and have lined up a volunteer that will be showing the group how to make homemade ice cream so it can be a dessert for the restaurant project!    



Day Service Clients started their volunteer efforts at the Loveland Acres Farm, with Scarlet. The group had an incredible time learning about the different animals. They fed baby goats, and the chickens. They discussed what the animals eat, and were able to work on socializing them so that the animals would become more comfortable with people. The group plans to help plant flowers in the garden on the next visit. Thank you Scarlet, for allowing us to learn about animals, and gardening in a fun new way.
We are going to be volunteering on the farm on Mondays, and Scarlet may come visit VIP as well.

Day Services Coffee Talk

Last week, Cheyanne inquired if the Day Services group was still going to go for coffee. They asked around within the group and found that several clients enjoyed previous outings. So off they went to McDonald’s in Elkhorn. They discussed different events in the area along with Parker’s recent Birthday, and Cheyanne’s upcoming Birthday. They met a new friend while there that works at Frank’s Piggly Wiggly. The group listened as their new friend talked about her job at Piggly Wiggly. Travis, was so excited about the conversation, he asked if the group could visit Frank’s in the future to see our new friend. Connections is what these trips are all about. We’re all social by nature and this is a great opportunity to introduce our clients to the community. #lifeatvip #lovewhatwedo #supportvip

Client Restaurant Project Kick Off

Last Friday Day Service “Board” meetings began for the upcoming client operated “Restaurant” project. The client group began the discussion about what type of menu they wanted to prepare. Everyone was offered time to express their opinions on the menu and after some discussion, they decided on a Breakfast meal, with a dessert. Next the group will form subcommittees for each stage of the planning and preparation of the meal to include shopping, meal prep, serving, and cleanup. Throughout this project, our Day Services team will focus on valuable life skills, such as budgeting, safe meal preparation, cleaning up after cooking, working together as a team, and going out into the community to get the supplies they need for a project like this. Stay tuned as we’ll post subsequent steps and photos as soon as possible!


Keep on Moving!

As you may have noticed, our Day Services team has been stressing the importance of exercise and range of motion as part of being healthy. We are very fortunate that our friend John at Elkhorn Area High School provides us gym time every Thursday. Below are just a few pics of our clients and staff getting their move on!

VIP Clients Hit the Lanes

Working with clients to get out of the center for activities in the community is important. Today, a group of clients went bowling. Thanks to the VIP Day Services team for planning a great outing for a rainy day!

VIP Services 2022 Golf & Tennis Outing

The VIP Services, Inc. Annual Golf & Tennis Outing took place on Monday, June 6th at Big Foot Country Club. This is our biggest (and currently the only) fundraiser of the year. Clients were present to greet and thank our supporters at check in and one of the new vans purchased with funds from our donors was on display. This years funds will be used towards replacing the roof at our facility in Elkhorn. It leaks when it rains and despite trying to get by with repairs and some buckets to contain the leaks, we need to make the investment in a roof that will keep our building dry for our clients and staff. We are so very thankful for all that participated, volunteered, sponsored, and contributed to this year’s event. Your generosity allows us to continue to provide services to adults with disabilities. We truly love what we do and could not do it without you. Thank you!