Employment Central

EmploymentDiscover how Employment Central can help unlock your future. You can learn work skills and have a chance to apply them in practical settings.

Job Readiness
If you have not worked in a while, or if this is your first job search, we can help you.  Learn how to highlight your work/volunteer experiences, prepare for job interviews, update your reading and math skills and practice individual jobs.  In addition, you will learn “best” practices for keeping to a job schedule, taking directions from your supervisor and getting along with your co-workers.



Job ReadinessJob Club

Career Central
Plan for your ideal job by attending  Career Central sessions.  We will work with you to build the right plan to make your job search effective.

You can  explore topics like career identification, resume writing, presenting yourself on the phone, via e-mail or in person and how to prepare for an interview.

Job Placement
Our staff will support you and reinforce your on-the-job training.  Job coaches/trainers will work with you, your supervisor and your co-workers to make sure that your job is a good match for you and your employer.

Val working at Prairie TreeAmanda working at Wal-Mart

Student Transition
VIP is working in collaboration with local school districts to provide the work-based learning opportunities that will help you to identify and attain your career goals.  You can explore opportunities through a combination of site visits, job shadowing and even community volunteer experiences (unpaid).  The more you know about what kinds of jobs are out there, the better you will be able to learn and practice the skills that you will need.

Once you have settled on a direction, we can help you to understand the steps that you will need to take to attain your goals.