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If your goal is to live as independently as possible in the community, you will want to check out the array of program options that VIP offers.

Daily Living Skills (DLS)
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If your goal is to live as independently as possible in the community, VIP Daily Living Skills (DLS) programs may be just right for you.  Making sure that you are in control and able to make well informed choices is where we start. DLS can help you learn strategies that will improve or maintain your skills with things you do in your every day life.

Initially clients meet with an experienced staff member to talk about what skills are important to their personal independence and safety.  Each person is different so our client centered approach can develop strategies that are based on individual goals leading clients to reach or maintain their highest level of independence.

Some opportunities that DLS can offer include you include:

  • Activities of Daily Living: (ADL’s)
  • Technology training
  • Safety in your home
  • Safety in the community

Day Programs
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The VIP Day Services program offers a variety of person-centered planning options that focus on opportunities to clients so they can achieve their own personal goals and objectives through their own flexible schedule.

Our participants bring with them a broad spectrum of differently-abled conditions.  Our creative staff members work with individuals and family members to ensure that they have the right tools to approach the challenges of adult living. We build strategies that achieve success for those who live in the adult world or who are transitioning into the adult world.

Areas of emphasis include social development, community integration and support of self determination. We are focused on creating opportunities, so clients are integrally involved in the planning of the monthly calendar of group activities. These activities include facility based and community based options.
Programming may be blended to combine activities to strengthen and prepare individuals to work together with pre-vocational training opportunities.

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