Fulfillment and Contract Services

Fulfillment and Dedicated Supplier Services:

VIP has well designed, well developed systems for managing complex product inventories that insure uninterrupted, on-time delivery of supplies to our customers.

We offer complete turnkey supply services of both components and finished goods and are capable of interfacing with a variety of Vendor Managed Inventory systems to assist our customers in streamlining their business operations.

Let us improve your bottom-line by reducing administrative time, warehouse space, and production downtime with our reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Fulfillment and Dedicated Supplier Services

Shipping /Delivery & Mailing Services:

VIP offers local pick-up and delivery services to our customers and we can also save time and money by handling direct delivery of customer components from their vendors and by managing direct shipment of customer finished goods. VIP can also assist you with labor intensive mailing projects that need fast service, non-automated processing.

Shipping /Delivery & Mailing Services

For information on how we might assist you, contact Rob Likes online or call 262-723-4043 x147