VIP Services – Value Integrated Production

VIP Services, Inc. provides Value-Added Services to over 60 area companies and several national and international corporations by offering a variety of production solutions.  We like to call what we do Value Integrated Production because everything we do incorporates value to our customers products and their business profitability.

Our ready to use workforce of over 120 people and our 20,000 square foot production facility allows us to handle large projects and provide fast turnaround times.  Quick set-ups are routine and allow us to easily handle a variety of production applications.

Our production lines are flexible, to adapt to specific customer needs.  Our solutions are creative to provide the best value and our people are highly motivated to make every project a success for the benefit of our business partners.

Centrally located between Chicago/Milwaukee, Janesville/Beloit and Madison; VIP serves the South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois region from our location in the convenient Elkhorn Industrial Park.  We have a commitment to quality and long history of meeting tight production schedules.

VIP Services Offered:

VIP Services specializes in adding value to our customers’ products by providing high volume and high quality packaging services. Packaging capabilities include:

  • Auto-bagging
  • Blister sealing
  • Cartoning
  • Clamshell Packaging
  • Kits Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Skin Packaging
  • Shrink-wrapping

Manufacturing and Production Services


VIP Services has experience with both simple and complex assembly operations.

From simple sub-assemblies such as adding a washer to a bolt to torque controlled multi-step post-manufacturing assembly we have a long history of satisfied customers that depend on us as a normal part of their daily operations.


Reverse Logistics/Re-Work & Quality Sorting:
VIP Services can work with your company to customize solutions to handle return of goods and preparation for redistribution to your supply chain. We also offer expert processing of product that needs to sorted or re-worked due to manufacturing defect, production changes or short-run logistics challenges.

Reverse Logistics/Re-Work & Quality Sorting


Fulfillment and Dedicated Supplier Services:

VIP has well designed, well developed systems for managing complex product inventories that insure uninterrupted, on-time delivery of supplies to our customers.

We offer complete turnkey supply services of both components and finished goods and are capable of interfacing with a variety of Vendor Managed Inventory systems to assist our customers in streamlining their business operations.

Let us improve your bottom-line by reducing administrative time, warehouse space, and production downtime with our reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Shipping /Delivery & Mailing Services:

VIP Services offers local pick-up and delivery services to our customers and we can also save time and money by handling direct delivery of customer components from their vendors and by managing direct shipment of customer finished goods.  VIP Services can also assist you with labor intensive mailing projects that need fast service, non-automated processing.



The VIP Advantage:

By working with VIP Services you not only gain a competitive advantage by our cost-effective solutions to your production needs but you also position your business to be part of our important mission to empower people with disabilities to explore endless possibilities and in doing so you become a Very Important Partner and a true VIP.


Contact us today to explore business solutions that

are both mutually beneficial and socially responsible.